Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congratulation you have won 50,000 GBP

Day before yesterday I received a sms from the sender MD SPDC

“Congratulation!!! You have won GBP-2,50,000 .00 in 2009(SHELL) INT‘L mobile draw Winning#3, To claim your prize contact Mr. Mike via E-mail : Pranav Agarwal

Next day same SMS was received by my brother and sister. Below are there versions of sms.

“Guinness award promotion congratulations!!! this is to conform you that your personal cell phone have won a prize money of 700,000,00 GREAT BRITISH POUND for the 2009 splash promotion which is organize on 5th May 2009 by G.A.P.UK. Contact our agent in Manchester for more information agent name: Dr. David. E-mail: Tel: +447010306518”

“Congrats”! You have won 500,000,00GBP in the May edition of SHELL COMPANY UK INT\‘L mobile draw .contact Dr. Robert on E-mail: to claim …..

I remember same type of modus operandi adopted via e-mail, a few years back. One of my friends received the e-mail and told me about it. We decided to take the shot by sending reply e-mail. In reply we were told to send account details so that amount may be sent, we told them to send by cheque. After few days they told us that one of our representative well come with cheque for home delivery. But because they have incurred tax & other delivery expenses. They required us to get ready with 500 USD.To which we replied that we can pay only that much amount after receiving the award money. There representative is awaited till day.

O.k. coming to sms, after reading the sms I did a Google search for SPDC. I found that it stands for SHELL COY, so I visited SPDC (shell company) website, they have also bear receiving many calls and E-mail regarding the same matter, on there website they have warned against it. So it’s an outright fraud so beware. The calls/sms/e-mail are mainly from West African countries mainly Nigeria as per in my knowledge

If you receive any such e-mail/SMS:

• Do not disclose your personal account details

• Cross check the calls by asking their no. and by calling then back.

• Ask them to send money by cheque.

• Tell them liability if any will be paid from award amount.


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