Friday, April 9, 2010

Acres of diamonds !

One of the stories that profoundly affected me is the "acres of diamond" by Dr. Russell Herman Conwell. He was a lawyer, then he became a newspaper editor and finally a clergyman.

One day few poor students approached him for private tuition's, as they couldn't afford the tuition fees. An idea began to form in Dr. Conwell's mind.
about a university where students from the poor families can study. He almost single handedly was able to amass funds by conducting seminars all across America.

In the seminars he told a story called acres of diamonds and he almost single handedly was able to raise huge funds with which he founded the Templeton university of Philadelphia.

This is a true story of an African farmer called Hamid. One day while Hamid was ploughing his field a passer by came to him.
He inquired, "do you know about diamonds".
No sir, what is that ? Hamid accepted his ignorance.
Stranger continued, "Dear if you happen to possess  a single diamond you can buy the whole world".
Once considered a very contented man suddenly grew discontented. so he decided to find one for himself. He sold his farm and handed over his family to the care of his relatives, he set out to find a diamond. He roamed the entire African continent and then Europe. But to no avail. Finally in the fit of despondency he threw himself into a river and drowned.
Now back home the farmer who had acquired land from him, while leading his cattle to a stream in the middle of his farm, saw many glittering stones amid the clear waters of the stream. He picked up one of the larger pieces and brought it home to keep on his mantle piece.
The stranger who had told Hamid about the value of a diamond, once again happened to pass the same path. His eyes caught the glimpse of the glittering piece of stone kept on the mantle piece.
He inquired, "Is Hamid back home".
"No Sir" replied the farmer.
"Then who brought this diamond" He questioned.
"This is no diamond sir, it is just an ordinary stone. There are thousands scattered near the stream in my farm"  the farmer said modestly.
This story is lot similar to what most of us do. Firstly we runs from one job to another job, one opportunity to another senselessly. Forgetting that there is no future in any job future lies within us. Secondly we do not acquire necessary skills, so as to recognize the opportunities as and when it arises.
So start digging with the spade of knowledge and deep there you will find riches beyond imagination.


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