Monday, April 5, 2010

If you are wisest of all !

I was reading a magazine yesterday and there I found a short anecdote with a profound meaning for all of us. This anecdote is about how sometimes in their innocence children pass a great massage to us elders. The anecdote goes like this. One fine morning a father and his son were sitting in a veranda.  
Father was reading a newspaper, but now and then he was distracted by his noisy and bossy child. He tried many a times to ignore him but all in vain. On being irritated with the child's behaviour he finally decided to engage him in some activity. So he pulled out the centre page with a picture of world map on it, tore it into many pieces and handed it over to the child. Further he instructed him to put all the pieces back with the help of cello tape. Father thought that it will keep the child busy and engaged for the rest of the time, meantime he will be able to finish his newspaper. But to his surprise hardly a couple of minutes later the child came back with the newspaper, all mended to perfection with cello tape.

Father was surprised he inquired, ”Dear how did you do it so fast”.
The son replied, “It was easy father I just had to mend the photo of a man on the reverse of the world map”.

It is not mention here that the child was intelligent, but the larger meaning this anecdote carries is that it is better to correct ourselves first. Rest of the part will itself fall onto its places. We should have inwards out approach rather than the opposite.I have seen people losing jobs, disturbed family life, divorce with spouse and so on. The reason is because they fail to understand that they themselves are a problem not parents neither society or for that matter anybody except them.

In the words of revered saint Baba Farid Ji
“Oh Farid if you are wisest of all, do not do black deed of looking into others fault. Bow down your head and first peep inside yourself”   

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