Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you sleep during a lecture !

While studying at school, then during college classes. I used to start feeling sleepy after 15 minutes into the lecture. the lecturer’s words had such a lullaby effect that I invariably used to dose off.
The same trend continued during my professional

classes, but here I couldn’t afford to sleep. So I started to find ways and means to keep myself awake during the professional lectures.
Here I am listing few methods I tried successfully to get rid of dosing off in class.

1.  Drink water : In fact one of my senior gave me this tip. He told me to carry a water bottle with me to my class and whenever I feel sleepy gulp down a good quantity of water. This helped me a lot now I was able to control my dosing to a great extent and concentrate more on the lecture. 

2.  Listen actively : Try to actively listen to the lecture. It means that try to guess the flow of the lecture, what is coming up next ? This type of suspense also helps in concentrating on the lecture. This is basically a method to engage yourself into the dialogue. I used to forget about feeling sleepy altogether.

3.  Pre-reading the lecture topic : The habit of pre-reading basically got me some understanding of the topic. It spurred my interest in the topic. So in a way it engaged me in the conversation with the lecturer and when we are in a conversation we hardly dose off.

4.  Join the early riser club : In fact this one single step gave me huge benefits. Getting up early after having a sound sleep insured complete rest to my body, thereby I used to feel less sleepy in the class. I was able create time to pre-read and plan my studies.As I have discussed in my earlier post “Four steps to be a early riser”  basically all the problem we face are due to our life style. A awareness about our problem can help us win half of the battle next half is finding the effective methods to have suitable outcome.

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