Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How our thoughts influence our character ?

I have been wondering lately why I do what I do ? The simple reply is What i think most of the time a day is what i am doing most of the day. I believe that for most of us mortals this is true. I would like to get to the point with a simple flow diagram.

Thought --------> Action ----------> Habit ----------> Character
So it all starts with a thought. Thought is the seed we sow to reap the fruit of our character. So the next step is manifestation of thought that was in our mind . It is in the form of actions, good thoughts good actions bad thought or negative thoughts negative actions. Now with same thoughts we continue doing the same actions and by repeatedly doing same actions they become unconscious part of us, that is how we form habits. Character of a person is nothing but collections of his habits. So in this way we form our character. I now believe that we cannot afford to think a single bad thought because in the long run it will affect our character.
So beware of negative thoughts and emotions because these are doorways to our character formations.

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