Friday, May 6, 2011

How to reprogram yourself to success ?

successIf you are reading this article, you have taken the first step to succeed. What is the first step for success in any  field ? It is to know thyself, thy habits and thought processes. In a geeks language, “To know the way we are coded or programmed”. Once we know the code then only we can fix bugs. 
“ Make your nerves of Iron, muscles of steel. Know thyself ”
                                                                                           -swami Vivekananda
Why is it that whenever we try to adopt a new habit or behaviour we tend to fall back to where we have started, may it be losing weight, rising early or nail biting . I can listen you saying “old habits die hard”. You are right old habit or shall I say programs keep on running and they will keep on running the same way, till we consciously interrupt them. So to interrupt theses corrupt programs,  we have to bring theses programs into awareness. Once we are not aware of a particular habit how will we change it.

These habits have so deeply entrenched in our mind that it requires a lot of patience and sufficient amount of time to get rid of them. so believe in yourself and keep on going till you reach the summit.
        “If you believe you can you can, if you can’t then also you are right” 
                                                                               - Henry Ford
It all starts in our childhood, when we start exploring our surrounding. We are repeatedly hearing the under mentioned instructions from our care takers.

                                             “Don’t do this or that”
                                             “No, don’t go that side”

                                             “Never talk to a stranger”

List of negative reinforcement goes on from school to collage and by the time we reach adulthood we have had enough of our share of the pie.

Is it the fault of our elders. No ! they are also programmed in the same way from there elders. They are also carrying the legacy of there elders.

Is there a way out, can we change this programming. Yes ! we can here I am laying out the bare necessities of reprogramming ourselves. 
  1. Meditation:- It is one of the best methods to unclutter the mind. It should be part of daily time table. It helps in cleaning and defragmenting of human hard disk – The Brain 
  2. Reading good books:- Half an hour daily before sleeping and after rising in the morning is a minimum requirement. I call this copying and loading of programming of great & successful people to your hard disk
  3. Seminars/Networking with positive people: Show me your friends, I will tell you who you are.

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