Sunday, May 1, 2011

Incident that changed my life-II

book review rich dad
In the last post, I  narrated how a book changed my thinking upside down. The book was “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.  Main theme of the book was financial success, but it also emphasized the need of personal growth and self improvement in order to achieve the financial goals and increase productivity. It is a must read for anyone who wants to change his life. Here are few lessons that I learn't from “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

1. The need and importance of financial literacy.

2. Never work for money, work for learning and money will follow.

3. How the rich invent money.

4. You do not need money to make money.

5.  About the taxes and corporations.

6. You should always mind your own business.

7. The importance of reading and learning.

The most important lesson, I learned from this book is :

“In information age continuous learning is a minimum requirement for success in any field.”

This information motivated and inspired me immensely. As I told you I was totally reluctant to read any book since I left my collage, but this revelation turned me into a voracious reader. Apart from reading  books it also suggested to listen to audio book and attend seminar to hasten the learning process in the chosen field.

Somehow I managed to source the required books here in India, but audio books and seminars are still not that much popular as they are in US.

The habit of reading good books have changed my thought process immensely. But still I believe I am “Work in progress” .

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