Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Journal entries – Where to start from?

journal Writing

In my previous post, Journal or Dairy – Why should I start one ?. I covered some of the benefits of journal writing. If you landed directly on this post you can go back and read it here .

I hope you read the previous post,  acquainted with the benefits
of keeping a journal and now fired up to start making your own journal entries. But wait! what should be your writing style, from were should you start. What to write in  journal ? OK I heard you saying.

Do not worry I will get you started with some of the things which I write about in my journal, so in this post we will discuss about some of the  guidelines or points which I keep in mind while updating my journal.

One of the things that I believe in respect of writing a journal, specially during the initial stages is that, we must not force our self into writing daily. On the other hand time between two post should not be to long that you completely lose track of the very act of journal writing.

OK with this I am jotting down a few of the important points that I cover during my journal writing exercise.

1. One of the easiest way to start journal writing, is to start writing about important and/or interesting events that happened to you. It gives you a easy start as well as help you developing your own writing style.

2. You can write about your reflections or thoughts on the above mentioned important and/or interesting events.  adding your own flavour to the act of journal writing.

3. Write about your memories, experiences, friends, crushes, inspirations and lessons you learnt from them. What you gained or lost from the relation ship and your ideas about your future relationships.

4. If you are a voracious reader like me, you may come across certain content or quotes that you find interesting. You should write it down with your own reflections on the topics.

5. You can take note of certain events that touch your heart, or influence you in certain way. Be a student of your life.

6.  Make journal entries about your behaviour, your goals, short term or long term. or write about your future plans, the type of improvement you want in your self, like language to be learnt, skill to be developed e.g developing your writing style, vocabulary etc. Journal writing can be used as yard stick to measure your progress.

7. Journal entries can be made about any creative pursuits that you have undertaken or you want to undertake, the things that you want to save  for later use like poetry, lyrics, composition etc.

8. Journal entries can be used as a reminder about anything you would want to remember with your added reflections and thoughts in your own writing style.

9. One the best use of journal is as a stress reliever, if you are feeling overwhelmed with any type of stress, write about what is bothering you and all possible solution that you can think of , let your emotions flow on the paper.It will makes you feel better and that to with lot of possible solutions to your problems.

10.  Journal entries  help in communicating with self, so if on a given day you couldn’t find anything to write about let the mind wander and keeping on scribbling whatever comes to your mind, without worrying about your writing style or vocabulary. Who knows it may throw out a gem or two from depths of your mind.

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