Sunday, August 12, 2012

Journal or Dairy - Why should I start one ?

Journal or personal journal or simply a dairy is a running record of our thoughts, reflections, ideas, feelings or important events in our life. It is one the invaluable personal development tools.

In a given day human brain produces 6000 to 100000 thoughts on an average. Majority of the thoughts are concerned to our day
to day living. But a few of them are real gems in the form of ideas or reflections. These gems get buried under the clutter of thoughts related to daily grind. These valuable gems require protection, the protection of a journal.

Some of the other benefits of keeping a  journal are :-

1. Journal is one of the most powerful way to connect to our inner wisdom. It is a mirror to our mind, it gives us a glimpse of our own mind, our thoughts and feelings.

2. A great way to audit our self and check our progress on the path to self-discovery. It helps us to discover the gods plan for us, Our purpose of coming to this world.

3. A great self-healing tool. As we vent our thoughts and feeling on paper we feel better. It helps us in calming the mind, by giving outlet to negative thoughts and feelings

4. It clarifies our thought process. It also improves the thinking skills, and gives a better sense of thoughts. It also helps in planning and visualizing our goals and aspirations.

5. Journal is a great way to tap into the sub-conscious mind. It helps us to uncover and store some of the wonderful ideas, that may not be possible in absence of keeping a journal.

6. A regular habit of writing or updating a journal improves focus as well as develops a sense of discipline.

7.  The habit of regularly writing a journal improves writing skill and is helping in negating the effects of "writer's block".

8. The journal helps in keeping record of the important events in life. It can be used to refresh some of the beautiful or interesting events of  life when we pass through a low period in our life

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