Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How beautiful is your garden ?

self improvement        "I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me"
                                                                                - Robert Brault
As I write this article, I am watching a plot of land in front of my residence being cleared of wild growth. This plot of land is cleared to shape it into a beautiful community park. The subject plot has been lying unattended for a long time, leading to the growth of wild grass and bushes. The team involved in clearing the plot is struggling a lot to get the job done.

The action going on in this piece of land set me thinking. I am thinking of the similarities that this piece of real estate have with the piece of real estate that lies between our ears – Our mind.

Our mind is one of the amazing creations of god. on one hand it has the power to raise a man to a divine status, on the other hand it can turn a man into a most gruesome psycho-killer mankind has ever known. It can create, innovate & discover, yet at the same time it can also destroy & devastate. It has the potential to destroy the whole human race from the face of earth in a matter of few seconds. 

So what is the difference that makes a difference ? What is that which matters so much in shaping a human into a Mother Teresa and on the other side to Pol Pot or Hitler. All the difference boils down to one thing, the manner in which the real estate of the mind is maintained, the type of seed that have been sown into the real estate between the ears.

 "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but the seeds that you plant." 
                                                                                              - Robert Louis Stevenson

The human mind is akin to a garden and our thoughts are the seeds, if we sow seeds of fragrant flowers we will get a beautiful garden spreading the fragrance all around. If we sow weeds or nothing at all, then also thorny bushes will come up and tear the cloths of by passers. 

Now the threat is two sided, one is from within the garden and other from the outside. So as to maintain the beauty of the garden we have to keep on weeding from within and at the same time we have to build a strong fence of good conduct to keep the stray animals at bay. The up keep of the garden is a continous process. The moment we rest the weeds and wild grass will destroy the beauty of our garden from within and weakening of the fence will enable the intrudes to do the needful. We have to be be very vigilant to maintain our garden beautiful. 

So how beautiful is your garden ? 

Are you weeding the negative thoughts ?

Have you build a strong fence of good friends, good books & good behaviour ?

If not join me on this journey of improving our gardens. Lets do it together.

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  1. Hi Bhagwant, you really have a beautiful garden



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