Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does GOD exist ?

Day 351 - My most powerful limbs

Their is a strong evidence against the presence of god. To this day no Prophet or Saint or Guru or Messiah could give a definite proof of god, they only said it is something beyond explanation.

Saint Kabir said its just like a dumb man tastes a sugar candy, If you ask him the taste of candy he can't tell the taste, he only can enjoy it.

Hawkins is not the first man to refute the presence of god. Carl Marks also refuted the idea of god, and on other hand there have been saints like Adi Guru Shankaracharya, who was of the view that god only is there and world is not there(Wherever I see, I see god).

Logic is that final frontier one has to cross to visualize God. God is beyond logic so a logical man or a scientist like Hawking will reason that both cannot be correct, only one is right. 

But I would like to share that both are right, One is looking at the foot and other at the head. (Remember the story of five blind men and a elephant). Intellect like the eyes have same problem, if you look at the foot of a person you cannot see the head and vice verse. Adi guru saw the head (God) and Carl Marks saw the foot i.e this physical world, which is manifestation of that head.

Einstein formulated E = MC square. You may think it was something new, may be for rest of the world, but Indian sacred texts proved it thousands of year back. Einstein just proved it mathematical. Here I jot down some of the things that came into my study.

1. We are not body we are light or energy. (Energy)

2. Whatever we attend to keenly is written on this energy or light. (becomes our karma)

3. When this body wears out the energy takes the form of other body based upon his past coding or Karma (law of cause and effect). (Mass)

4. Bram-Gyan (Divine knowledge) starts where Vigyan (Physical knowledge) ends. Naturally matter or material is manifestation of energy not vice-verse.
5. To receive divine knowledge (understand and know God) you have to look beyond physical world. which a logical man or scientist can never do, because he is infatuated with material world.
  Sir Rudolf Peierls, another great 20th-century physicist, said, “the premise that you can describe in terms of physics the whole function of a human being … including [his] knowledge, and [his] consciousness, is untenable. There is still something missing.”
 So it is my humble request to scientist or physicist like Mr. Hawkins to not to mix the two disciplines. I admire your genius but keep it to physical world do not try to answer higher question studying lower disciplines.

If you can understand what he can do and what he cannot you will become him i.e you will we equal to him. Imagine a newly born son knowing all about his father.

God bless you, Liberate you from the sufferings

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